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At Defined Chase, we turn complex data into clear, actionable insights. Our marketing optimization and analytics services are designed to fine-tune your campaigns for peak performance and to provide a deep understanding of your customers’ journeys.

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Tracking setup

Proper data tracking is critically important in digital marketing. By knowing which channels work best, you can optimize ads to achieve key goals and increase communication effectiveness.

email marketing automation

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is important because it saves you time and increases the effectiveness of marketing tools, increasing sales.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our CRO services are tailored to identify and remove barriers to conversion, improving the efficacy of your digital assets and maximizing ROI.

Experienced marketing professionals

How do we make sense of the data?

As an advertising agency, we focus on proper data tracking to get more practical information about your customers and their behavior. Accurate data tracking helps ensure more effective advertising.

After data tracking, the next step might be marketing automation, which allows you to automate marketing processes like email campaigns and other advertising actions. This will save you time and help you run your marketing more effectively. 

Finally, but no less critical, is conversion rate optimization (CRO), which will increase the conversion rate of your website or app. This means more visitors will become customers, and you will see more sales.

We can help you with these services and develop strategies using various optimization tools to achieve your goals.

If you would like to order these services, we are ready to help you. Contact us now.

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Our work process

1. Planning / Getting to know you

Identifying communication tools and budgets.

(We start by understanding your goals and getting to know you, which involves helping you explore your market and define your challenges.)

2. Preparation of creative materials and technical infrastructure

Enabling communication and analytical tools as well as production of creative material.

3. Start of communication

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4. Campaign analysis and optimization

Active monitoring.

(Constant campaign optimization and strategy management to ensure all of your marketing objectives are met.)

5. Conclusions

Findings and further recommendations.

(As we grow, we’ll periodically take a step back to evaluate our progress and identify the best opportunities for growth. We’ll also let you know about new potential threats and address any weaknesses in your business model)

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly is marketing optimization & analytics?

Marketing optimization & analytics is the process of using data analysis to improve your marketing strategies for better performance and ROI. We track your campaigns’ effectiveness, understand customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize marketing efforts.

How does data help in making marketing decisions?

Data provides concrete insights into what’s working and what’s not. By analyzing metrics such as customer engagement, conversion rates, and user journeys, we can identify trends, predict outcomes, and tailor your marketing initiatives for maximum impact.

What type of data analytics services do you provide?

We offer a range of services including web analytics, customer segmentation, conversion tracking, performance reporting, and predictive analytics, all designed to help you understand your audience and refine your marketing tactics.

Can you help us understand our ROI from marketing campaigns?

Yes, we specialize in measuring and interpreting the ROI of marketing campaigns. We use advanced analytics tools to track conversions, sales, and overall performance, ensuring you get a clear picture of your investment’s return.

How do we get started with Defined Chase for our marketing analytics needs?

Starting with us is simple. Reach out through our contact form, and we’ll set up an initial consultation to discuss your current marketing strategies, goals, and how our optimization and analytics services can help you achieve them.


Hear It from Our Clients

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Viktorija Ratomskė
CMO @ iSun AG

Vytis and Defined Chase is more than an agency – they are like your own team working hand in hand all the way. We have worked with Defined Chase with a few different brands, and we always received fair feedback and recommendations for our campaigns. All the goals were always met on time, budgets were well managed, and growth was always backed up by data – this is a great example of ownership. I would recommend Vytis with his team for anyone who wants to scale business successfully across digital channels with reliable partners.

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Nerijus Grybe
Managing Director Lithuania at Merxu

If you are looking for professionals to consult and manage your Google ads - look no further. Defined Chase is the best choice as they understand Google products in-depth, so they are ready to offer you the best investment portfolio that will allow you to reach your targets on the agreed budget. Defined Chase proves their confidence as professionals because part of their remuneration depends on your targets and achievements. I would definitely recommend Defined Chase.

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Gediminas Ratkevicius
Adrijus Jakučionis
Mantas Michalauskas

We struggled with our digital marketing campaigns and analytics until we found Defined Chase. Professionalism, deep knowledge, and efficient communication - everything you need while outsourcing the services. Huge thanks to Vytis and his Team!

saugus vaikas logo
Audrius Paulauskas
Founder/CEO of Flashy, LightSmile, Saugus vaikas

When building stable, self-sustaining businesses, there comes a time for managers when you either realize that you can’t pay and do it all on your own, or you stop growing. We met “Defined Chase” at that very moment, and I am very satisfied with the very professional way in which they manage advertising. The growth of the brands we managed started from the very first day we signed the contract. No more wondering how, where and what to advertise, and we can get on with expanding into new markets and building our team.

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Deivydas Jurčiukonis
Founder/CEO of

We started our partnership with “Defined Chase” after unsuccessful results with other agencies and have been working together for more than a few years now. We have tested the quality of the service we provide with our own products and achieved amazing results. We have started recommending “Defined Chase” to all our clients as a reliable and good agency. Absolute recommendation from eShoprent!

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With love

Before we started working with the advertising agency “Defined Chase” we only sold knitting threads online. The aim was to “survive” the quarantine. The results exceeded our expectations. We were pleasantly surprised by the agency’s work, and its professional advice allowed us to grow our sales and open a shop in Klaipėda. We will continue our partnership. This is an agency that can and should be trusted.

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